Model number AW-864
Price JPY 3,300 (incl.tax)
[JPY 3,000 (excl.tax)]
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5
Assembly time1-2 H
Target age14 +
Tools required
Phillips screwdriver ,Diagonal cutter ,Longnose pliers ,Soldering iron


PICA TOWER is a 3D illumination kit with LEDs in 4 colors, red, green, blue, and yellow, total 27pcs. Mount these LEDs on the pillar-shaped PCBs and put it on your desk to see the LED illumination object.

For PICA TOWER, PIC16F1827 of Microchip Technology Inc. is adopted. You can make a program for this microcomputer and make your original illumination pattern. (*1)

The PCB with LEDs can be removed from the base, and can be attached to Arduino Uno of the microcomputer board so that you can make your original illumination pattern with Arduino.(*2)

*1 To make a program for the microcomputer, you need MPLAB X, XC8 complier, and PICkit3 of Microchip Technology Inc.
*2 To make a program with Arduino, you need such programming environment as Arduino UNO, Arduino IDE, etc.

This product was developed and merchandized from the collaboration of EK JAPAN and Fukuoka Technical Highschool.
The manuals for programming can be downloaded from ELEKIT website free of charge. (No English manual available)


Power source: Dry cell battery AA x 3pcs (not included)
* 5V AC adapter can be used (center plus).
Power consumption: Max. approx.32mA (when all LEDs are ON, and battery operated.)
Dimensions: W57xH87xD67mm