Model number PS-3249R
Price JPY 4,400 (incl.tax)
[JPY 4,000 (excl.tax)]
Assembly time1-2 H
Target ageGeneral


This module converts the digital signal of the sound from PC to analog. Just connect the module to the USB terminal of your PC, then it is automatically recognized - no need of installation. PCM2704C and NJM4580D are adopted for DA converter and OPAmp of the output stage, respectively, for you to enjoy its clear sound. In addition, IC socket is equipped to the OPAmp so that you can exchange the OPAmp with your favorite one to compare the difference in sound.

Moreover, there is a room for function expansion that allows modifications for even better sound quality are embedded by default; i.e., power supply system switching terminal (from USB bus power to self-power system supplied from external source), a terminal to supply an external clock.

PS-3249 is designed to be embedded in PCL86 SINGLE STEREO POWER AMP KIT, TU-8100. You can upgrate your TU-8100 with this USB-DAC module.


- Power supply system: USB bus power
(Possible to modify to self-power system to supply external power)
- Operation system: Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or higher
- USB: 1.1 or 2.0
- Sampling rate: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
- DAC resolution: 16bit
- Output distortion rate: 0.014% (USB bus power)
- Frequency response: 10Hz-22.5kHz (1kHz)
- PCB size: 97x45mm

* The USB input terminal of this module is USB Mini-B. Check the USB terminal of your PC as well. Please prepare a wire with corresponding terminal.

PS-3249 allows the following extensions.
- Change the power supply system from USB bus power to self-power system to supply exterminal power.
- Addition of volume control switch - to enable control of the PC volume from the module by adding a push switch.
- Connection of external clock - Connection of an oscillator with less jitter

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