KOROBO [ MR-9172 ]

Model number MR-9172
Price JPY 7,150 (incl.tax)
[JPY 6,500 (excl.tax)]
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5
Assembly time1-2 H
Target age12 +
SolderingNot required
Tools required
Phillips screwdriver ,Diagonal cutter ,Longnose pliers ,Pen knife


KOROBO is a programmable robot with a small body, 2 light sensors and 2 touch sensors. KOROBO moves every direction as programmed by judging the situation of the surrounding environment.

Programming KOROBO with IconWorksUSB, the exclusive software for KOROBO, is very simple; you only need to arrange the icons on PC screen as you want. Send the program you created to KOROBO with the attached USB cable, and KOROBO is ready to execute the programmed movements!; trace a line, negotiate around obstacles, follow the light, etc.


Power source: “AA” alkaline battery x 4pcs
Sensors: Light sensor x 2pcs, touch sensor x 2pcs
Output: Motor driven x 2, buzzer x 1
Dimensions: W110 x H100 x D170 mm (for reference)
Weight: Approx.230g
Accessory: Program transfer cable (USB)
Target age: 12 up
Time for assembly: Approx. 1 hour (86 parts for assembly)
[Exclusive software IconWorks USB operating condition]
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8
Display: Resolution higher than 800 x 600 play
The programs are to be transferred through USB.