RoboCupJunior Official Electronic Ball RCJ-05R [ RCJ-05R ]

RoboCupJunior Official Electronic Ball RCJ-05R
Model number RCJ-05R
Price JPY 9,900 (incl.tax)
[JPY 9,000 (excl.tax)]
SolderingNot required


・An official Robot Soccer Ball for RoboCupJunior competition and confirms with the modulated RoboCupJunior Soccer Ball standard.
・It also has non-modulated mode, the former RoboCupJunior soccer ball standard, and 2 other pulse modulation modes for other robot competitions (total of 4 modes).
・An LED with high visibility is adopted for the remaining battery level indication. It indicates the battery level by 3 lighting patterns.
* This infrared ball is approved by RoboCupJunior Technical Committee.


Infrared signal mode (A) RoboCupJunior Pulse modulated standard (Step waveform modulation, 40kHz)
(B) RoboCupJunior non-modulated standard (Steady IR emission)
(C) 600Hz Pulse modulation (40kHz)
(D) 1200Hz Pulse modulation (40kHz)